It's Blaze! Buy great mugs to help favorite animal charities.

Mugs by me, Blaze! Enjoy my Chinese Crested mug!

How would you like to have coffee, tea or hot chocolate with me every day ? Now you can.. by ordering a mug with my picture on it! Actually, you get to choose from any of the seven "Acting Head Shots" listed below. What could be better? Well just one thing. For each mug you buy, $5.00 will be sent to your choice of charities listed below. The mugs are $25 each, plus shipping and sales tax (if applicable). I sure do love my water dish, but I think I love these mugs even more! These fine mugs are white ceramic and hold 11 oz.

Here are your choices of images! They are from my acting portfolio!

1. "Stella!" Blaze yelling 2. "He knew something was up...he just knew it." Blaze with one ear up looking pensive.
3. "After all...tomorrow is another day." Blaze looking defiant. 4. "Somehow he could tell...the winds of change were blowin'" Blaze looking windblown.
5. "She promised she was coming back...but when?" Blaze looking lovesick 6. "Surely he could never show his face again." Blaze looking ashamed.
7. "He showed little remorse." Blaze looking arrogant.
Mug front
mug back

To order a mug, using Paypal, follow these easy steps...

First select a style. The image and the accompanying caption will appear on the mug.
Now select the charity of your choice. Donations will be made in your name. ($5.00 will be sent to this charity for each mug purchased. For example, if 3 mugs are ordered, $15 will be sent to charity.)



I, Blaze, use Paypal to ensure the security of your shopping cart and payment processing. When you checkout, a PayPal account is not necessary to use any of the credit cards pictured below.

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