It's Blaze! Here are the results of this Chinese Crested dog's screen test.

Blaze's Acting Portfolio

Here are the best pictures taken from my acting screen test. I think you will agree that they show my depth and range of character as an actor. Enjoy studying the pictures. To my fellow actors, I use the Stanislavski technique of method acting.

If you're a Director: 

Note to Directors: Blaze will not use botox or hair transplants. Must fly first class and have own trailer upon arrival on set. Trailer must be fully stocked with biscuits, broccoli, carrots, steak and sunscreen. Blaze's agent, Bob, must be able to accompany Blaze at all times. Working more than 15 minutes/hour is prohibited; 5 minutes/hour in direct sunlight. Adequate nap and walk time must be provided. Dermatologist must be available on call as well as a dedicated make-up artist, both specializing in working with hairless Chinese Cresteds. Wee-wee pads must be immediately available upon request. These items are non-negotible.


Blaze yelling


More head shots


Blaze with one ear up looking pensive

He knew something was up. He just knew it.

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Blaze looking defiant

After all...tomorrow is another day!

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Blaze looking wind blown

Somehow he could tell...the winds of change were blowin"!

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Blaze looking lovesick

She promised she was coming back...but when?

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Blaze looking ashamed

Surely he could never show his face again.

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Blaze looking arrogant

He showed little remorse.

More head shots
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