It's Blaze! Meet the closest friends of this intelligent Chinese Crested.

My Friends!

Here are my closest friends. (Photo credits: Blaze)

Bob Bob Bob is by far my best, best friend. Some people say that Chinese Cresteds are "one person" dogs. That's ridiculous! Bob just happens to be the most incredible human in the entire world and beyond.
Blue Dog Blue Dog toy Blue Dog is a good friend. He likes to keep me company when I get a little lonely. He's a great pillow and even a better listener.
Laura Laura Laura is a good friend...not as good as Bob though. Bob is incredible. But she has been extremely supportive of my web design work.
Blue Dog and Pink Dog Blue Dog and Pink Dog toys Nice dogs. Need to improve their listening skills. But they can be very engrossing company.
Happy the Goffin's Cockatoo Happy, the Goffin's Cockatoo Happy and I have a special bond. You might say, he speaks my language. He truly is one of the great communicators of our day.
Purple Dog Purple Dog Finally, I have a great picture of my new buddy, Purple Dog. Can't you just tell by looking at him what a great guy he is. But (sigh) I still miss Blue Dog. Oh Blue Dog, where are you?
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