It's Blaze! Even a hairless Chinese Crested dog has frenemies!

My Frenemies!

Here are my frenemies. I don't have too many of them, because I'm a pretty good judge of character. But still, there are those that I just can't figure out. (Photo credits: Blaze)

Fly, our cat Fly, the cat Fly can be lots of fun when she shares her treats and food with me. But she does have the nerve to eat out of my special dishes, (which I don't know if I mentioned, but I do personally own them.) I'd really like to be friends with Fly, but she sure does like to whop me on the nose a lot. Like I'm the first dog that ever occassionally chased a cat. Really!
Fred the Furnace Repairman Note: Fred never showed up for his photo shoot! I think that speaks volumes! Blaze Fred seemed to be a nice enough guy. He said he was here to fix the furnace. But I'm suspicious. Grrrr...  Actually I sort of like the guy. He's a good behind the ears scratcher. But hey, what's up with that "Kielbasa" comment?"
The Deer in the Backyard Deer in the backyard. When I'm sitting out on the deck, thinking about my website, it is nice to look up and see the deer walking through the backyard. They are so peaceful and...grrr...don't they know they're on my property? Did they ask? Do they ever ask? And everyone thinks they're so beautiful and graceful. Hello...what about me? I'm an athletic champion. Hello...!
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