It's Blaze! Here are my favorite things!

My Favorite Things!

Here are my favorite things that I personally own. (Photo credits: Blaze)

My crate crate I have owned this crate ever since I was a young pup. This crate is my personal space, and when I go in here everyone knows: "Leave Blaze alone. He's thinking."
My food and water dishes dog water and food bowls These dishes are teriffic. I could have a place set for me at the dinner table, but these dishes are just the right height and more comfy for me to eat from.
My Family Room couch family room couch Here is where I do my relaxing, watch some TV, and nap. I'm here, er..., quite a bit. That's my corner, on the right.
My couch in the Den the den couch Here is where I do all my work. Bob uses the big desk and chair, but this couch works just fine for me. And if I get tired from thinking too much, it's the perfect place for a quick snooze. But I work pretty hard, so that hardly ever happens.
My leash leash I can't exactly say that I love my leash. But it does keep me out of trouble. More importantly, it keeps my family from worrying about me, so I always wear it outside. (I used to hate it when that "heel" thing was going on. All it took was a little willpower and I broke them of that ridiculous habit! What were they thinking?)
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